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relentless, post: 65830 wrote:
by who? Steer clear of it! I’ve used it for one of my projects for over a year and can’t wait to change, it’s been a nightmare, I’ve warned people about it before in here.

Magento Sux – 4 pages of long negative comments, one of which are mine.

Take a look at the mangento forums and you will find tons of complaints and the only way to fix those issues have been posted by other members not the developers of magento, they don’t support the open source version well.

basically it’s a poorly coded resource hog so it’s slow as hell, you need a VPS host minimum to run it (will cost you at least $100/month with a good host) and you need to make a 100 tweaks to get it to the point where the speed is bareable. To update a banner on the homepage makes you change about 5 files as an example of how unnecessarily complex it is.

I agree that most carts have negative comments but I would even recomment zencart (which is alot older) over magento.

I’m looking at using Open Cart for the next project

I have just finished a web site for a client using Big eCommerce. Clients has about 700 products he sells. This shopping cart is very robust, allows for custom mods and can do product stock control and great order processing…

And one more thing…. who has the best shopping cart in the world?? Amazon.com, always try to model yourself on what they do. They are the most successful and most functional shopping cart in the world.

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