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Hi there,

I’m wondering what type of products your are looking at selling? I have opened up my own online shop, and I sell makeup, health and beauty, cleaning, baby products, hair care, among others, based on consumable consumer driven products.

If you are interested in chatting about it please feel free to contact me :)



swishdesign, post: 58005 wrote:
Hi there

I am doing some investigations into possibly starting an online store next year. I would be selling other people’s products (OPP) (focused around a niche) rather than my own.

So I was wondering – are there any people out there who do this and how does it work. Do you have to first purchase these OPP (at wholesale rates I assume) and then sell them via your store, or is there scope to sell on consignment (is that even the right word?).

Thanks heaps in advance