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Thanks guys, that is all logical and good advice.

So more questions :) My understanding is that Google more or less likes links, preferably from authority sites. If I have adulterated my content, who is going to link to my information? (other than me or someone on my payroll)

With high grade good content one presumes that Internet strangers in love with my green tea know how will do my link building for me (after some of my own initial advertisement). Of course the articles would have to be of the ultra heavy duty quality variety for them to do this (the garden variety does not inspire such behavior).

Aidan, post: 58227 wrote:
Those articles need not be futile at all. Sure they will attract info seekers rather than buyers but they can at least help establish you as an authority on the topic so that when those info seekers become potential buyers (i.e. some of them will likely become ‘tryers’ after the info seeking stage) you are already in mind as the green tea man!

Not to mention by having all that content on green tea on your site you should start to attract more search engine love for all things green tea.

This second bit I guess is what interests me the most. Putting the conversion issue aside, if I have a gazillion back links to quality information that has no intention of selling anything (hence hoping to have my back linking done for me). Can I point all that juice at my real hard core sales page, the one that talks directly to my audience (the guys with the big bucks using different key words)?….Kind of like the death star (my sales page being Alderaan)?

The intention being to catapulting my sales page to the top of google with my chosen keywords?