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Hi Melissa,

Site looks clean and simple which is good but I’m really just going share some strategy ideas as opposed to design ideas since I believe strategy design is far more important.

You need to find your target market.

Believe it or not but there’ll be a small group of markets that really value virtual assistants and you need to know who these people are.

It’s like the old marketing saying: If you’ve got a headache and you see two jars at the chemist, one says medicine the other say headache medicine which one are you going to reach for?

People always choose relevant solutions.

Relevancy is very important Google has taught us all that.

This brings me to the USP (Unique Sales Position) which every business needs to remove competitive threat but unfortunately it’s very hard to create one if you don’t have a target market.

One last thing: You special offer:

Tell them exactly what they get inside that one-hour. What will they get for their hour exactly? How will their life be made easier because of your offer?

Even though it’s free you still gotta sell it like your prospect was paying for it because they are…in time.

I’ve got some ideas on my blog about some of this stuff feel free to check it out but when I went to your site I felt like I could trust you which is key it’s just the strategy that needs work.