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Hi all I’m Brood, have come to this site a few times and finally made an account, I posted a question on FS Facebook page earlier this morning and Sam from there suggested I post it on here. I will go and post in the introductory thread soon, I am also in Australia, here is my question –

“Hi Flying Solo, am hoping you or your fans could lead me in the right direction. I’m an online only website and I’m after credit card payment advice. Currently I offer bank deposit, paypal and credit card via paypal as payments but have come to realise not everyone trusts paypal or gets confused by paying through it etc so I’m looking into setting a straight up credit card system possibly via eftpos. I have recently opened my home to local customers to purchase items here so about 5% of my sales would be in person but almost all of it is online.

I have started to do some research but I’m finding people won’t come near me because I am a website and not a physical store and is to much of a fraud risk. Honestly I am trying to find something that won’t cost me a fortune, I’m a small business of 18 months so still growing and I don’t know if people will pay via eftpos and if it is worth spending the money so ultimately a 1-2 month trial would be perfect.

I have an e-commerce website through Ashop so the software has to be compatible with that if needed, I have a ABN, the business is registered and have a business bank account (although when I set it up a year ago after the account was made they then proceeded to tell me that they don’t deal with online businesses for credit card payments so I just went with Paypal for the time being).

So I’m after either a method to accept credit card payments that won’t take customers off the website to pay and it is all done online without me needing an eftpos machine or a company that will rent me a mobile eftpos machine to do manual transactions for 95% online payments.

I don’t have much knowledge about dealing with eftpost besides me being a customer using it in stores, so any pieces of info or things to watch out for would be greatly appreciated, thankyou”

Just adding the more I start to look into it I’m leaning more towards a mobile eftpos machine but am open to any suggestions and help.