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Thanks mods for approving the above comment, a few things have changed since then so I’ll do an updated question. I have looked through other posts and came across some payment gateway sites and I liked the looks of fatzebra but discovered Ashop doesn’t comply with them so I’ve now been on the phone with St George to accept credit card payments.

Unfortunately the e-commerce person had gone home early so have some random bits of info from other departments (I swear they have a million different departments and phone numbers lol) and they mentioned an automatic payment system where it is integrated on the shopping cart, customer enters their credit card details, St George approves it and I don’t have to enter any numbers and I just send off the parcels like normal which sounds great. Not sure if that is the virtual terminal or the IPG MAC system as I’ve heard a few different names this afternoon.

Will find out what fees I’m up for tomorrow, I was told that they and pretty much no one else would rent me a eftpos machine so I can stop researching that now.

Basically just wondering if anyone else is using a St George system to accept credit cards via their e-commerce website, how good is it, are you paying a lot of fees and has it been reliable? Any feedback would be handy.

Also found out that the business bank account we already have with them can accept the credit card transactions so I don’t need another account which is also great

Thanks :)