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AlleD, post: 58668 wrote:

Well, I know that I am still a couple of months off launching but as I get everything together I think that I am on the right track. After talking with Gab – I have a great idea of how to market the website online and I am in talks with some childrens fashion review sites etc but now my focus is shifting to the future to those first elusive orders.

I want to send a reminder of where the customer purchased the clothes. I was thinking that as it has to be small and light (for postage) and cheap (well, I don’t have that much to spend!)

I was thinking either a free fridge magnet or free keyring or something like that – however I want something decent (ie not Vistaprint) I thought of a pen but did not like the thought of ink leaking on clothing – no matter how well packed or remote chance. Maybe though this is a better option than the magnet or keyring?

Does anyone have any ideas?



What about a complementary product. I don’t know what you’re selling but can you hit up someone with a complementary product (say, hairbrush if you’re selling shampoo, laces if you’re selling shoes etc) and ask them for x00 to include with your first orders. The buyer gets a pleasant surprise, the other person gets their product out to prospective purchasers, you get to start building strategic relationships.

Bigger companies always have excess stock of something, and with some deft skill you should be able to talk them into giving it away.