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if this piece of equipment is crucial to your on going business survival, can you put it on a credit card or get a small personal loan? I know you don’t want debt, but over a 5yr period (general small loan term), you’re looking at about $180-200 week in repayments. Is it worth that much ($$ wise) for you to invest in?

That’s how I sum up debt – how much does it cost me per week/month/qtr and how much would I make with the item I’m purchasing. Debt isn’t always bad.

Sorry, this doesn’t really answer your question, and I can tell you there were days I sat in the store room and cried last year, which really doesn’t do much to deal with setbacks, but does let loose some frustrations. Eventually I had enough people telling me I could do it, and found a business coach/mentor to help me get there.