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I was just having a bit of a read of what you are doing and was thinking about sending you a message when I read the last post. My hubbie is a backyarder and has a hobby workshop. He mainly works with aluminium and stainless steel but depending on your product I’m sure he could help you some how. But that would involve you revealing your secrets!!!!!

Seriously, we started in business manufacturing our own jewellery and ended up in China because we couldn’t keep up with demand. We did what you were talking about and had the items 90% done in China and finished them here. We used to import them as decorative door trim so no one would work out our secret. We also still called them Australian made.

If you are interested or even want to chat to my hubbie send me a personal message and i will give you his details. Some of his work can be found on youtube not sure how to add a link so if it doesn’t work let me know.link I will be so impressed with myself if that link works!!!

Anyway thanks for reading