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I have no problem with low priced website production offers whether from overseas or local.

My concern is that most business owners have no idea what they are buying nor why.

The result is that most end up feeling ripped-off when the truth eventually dawns. Most of the $billions that has ever been spent on websites over the years has been wasted and I imagine this $500 website may be another small contribution to the constantly growing total.

With the greatest respect to the site owner, it does not matter what your site costs, what it looks like, what it says on its pages nor what content management system is behind it. If noone visits it nor contacts the business owner as a result, they have blown their website dollars.

I can say with a great deal of certainty that this site is missing out on attracting new business in a big way.

Let’s turn the discussion around…

I use this type of service and it costs me best part of $1,000 per year. If I’m happy with it, I could be using it for many years. I don’t know the turnover rate in this industry, let me assume it is 5 years. Based on this assumption, a customer has a $5,000 life-long value.

The question is, how much are you willing to invest in acquiring each new $5,000 customer?

This site is unlikely to attract many. For a start, I don’t see it listed in the top 100 sites ranked for “gardening services Perth”. I tried a couple of the surburbs in Perth listed on the site without finding it in the top 100.

Even if I did, it doesn’t tell visitors where the services are offered and that is enough to indicate it will lose visitors even if they do land on the site.

Google makes $billions in Adword revenue from website owners who make decisions based on what is the cheapest site to produce and FS is full of “I found this cheap website production service” discusions. The most likely attribute of a “cheap” website is that most people that use it will waste their money.

Making money via Internet communications has the best chance of success if you find someone with the expertise to help you market your business online. That most likely means you need someone in at least the same country and probably in the same city.