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I think there are a few interesting topics here.

I would definitely back up the person that suggested putting a like button on your website. You can set it up so that when someone clicks like on there it refers back to you facebook fan page. Which is a great way of following up communications.

I also think that the person that asked why having more likes mattered also had a good point. I think some of it is just ego. I know it is in my case. You build a business and a fan page and you really want people to acknowledge you are doing the right thing etc. In the long run though, pure numbers won’t really help you. Its better to have 20 people like you that are truly interesting in you your products or services than 200 friends that are just liking you asked them to.

Over all I would say its also about engagement and what you do with these people once they have liked you. Just posting links to your website doesn’t produce nearly the results of actually asking questions of the people that liked you and trying to create actual relationships with your possible customers.