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TwiinPhotography, post: 70479 wrote:
Hi FS Followers,

How are you all today? :)

I’m a BIG believer in facebook, yet I tend to take a different approach:

Rather than a ‘page’ (which I tried for the first 9 months, yet was not able to be notified when someone had ‘liked’ commented on etc) I decided to start a ‘Friend Account’ just like you would use for your personal FB account.

This has been quite successful as I am in touch with every little notification, friend request, etc etc. It has grown to almost 2000 ‘friends’ in the last year.

This is just my personal preference, it has all my business info, a live RSS feed in sync with my tumblr.com account which easily distibutes any posts from my ‘blog’ (http://www.twiinphotog.tumblr.com) and send this automatically to my LinkedIn, Twitter, FB & Blog. Simply by emailing my context via email from my Gmail account.

In just one subject line from my email (from my customized tumblr email address), I can promptly convey a streamlined blurb to all of my social networks, instantly :)

To prove my theory I regularly check my stats and analytics from Google Analytics & Statcounter.com. My TOP 3 Referring sites that bring website traffic are:

1) Direct (knowing my website url)
2) Facebook
3) Organic Google search of my business name

FYI: http://www.facebook.com/twiinphotography

Hope this is of some benefit to anyone else on here!
Warm regards

ps – I forgot to mention the BIGGEST Plus in having a facebook friend account, rather than a ‘page’ is that ALL of my updates are visible in ALL of my ‘friends’ newsfeeds ;)

There are some downsides with doing that way too. The first of which is that your ‘growth’ is limited to 5000 friends. With a page or equivalent, there is no limit to the number of people that follow you.

Secondly, having a business with a personal page has the chance of it being deleted as it’s against the Facebook terms and conditions. I don’t know if they’ve done a cleanse recently but a year or two ago they were regularly deleting pages of people that were not real. I know, as I had two of mine deleted.