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Hi Chris, thegrizzle, Margaret, Donna and everyone,

If anyone is interested in getting this northside meet-up up and running again, please go for it.

The following tips, which we’ve gained from watching meet-ups around the country for the last couple of years, might help it to take off:

1. The most popular meet-ups are inside business hours, but away from school pick-up times.
2. Always choose somewhere easy to park.
3. Try to avoid scheduling your meet-up on a public holiday or during school holidays.
4. It’s much more effective for someone to suggest a time and place and take things from there than it is to leave the date open and try to figure out something that suits everyone. (You can always change the date later if you’d like).
5. Don’t forget to give people a few week’s notice. That also gives us a chance to give your meet-up a plug on social media for you and to mention it in our Friday newsletter.

Hope that helps – good luck!