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Barb, post: 62802 wrote:
I’ve heard so many people talk about business coaches, and it has me thinking, do I need one?

So far I’ve managed quite well in business, but now that I would like to grow my business and take it to the next level, I’m wondering if I need a business coach. If so, what does it entail? How do I find a good one and how much am I likely to pay?

This is a totally new area for me and I’m a bit “green”, so any advice would be great.


Barb, I have a business coach.
And it has been the best decision and investment ever.

In my case, it was because my business was growing simply out of control…. and with his help I can see things with a better perspective, get some strategies in place and improve in some typical “soloist” mistakes we make so often.

So if you find the right coach: go for it…