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Couple It, post: 87613 wrote:
I think a good business coach is worth their weight in gold

Assuming they’re a catwalk model – kidding.

Honestly from my point of view: If you want to do well in business just find it yourself & implement yourself. Needing someone by your side the entire time is a huge cost with little value especially since google can provide any & every human on this planet with any & every piece of info for free – you just have to know what you’re looking for.

Google: “Aids patent” “Breast cancer candidiasis” – Once you learn more & more all you do is google what you’ve learnt > discover more websites > learn more > discover more websites > etc – Obviously you need to look at a wide variety of sources to make sure info valid, reliable, etc.

To the OP spend your money wisely & for everything else there’s google.