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DreamscanbeVisions, post: 87652 wrote:
@plumbing – that’s specialised physical labour…

@doctor – Most people would go to the doctor, most people are gaining weight, most people are eating junk & most people are popping pharmaceutical drugs.

Is the doctor biased ? Does the doctor have personal experience in the health “condition” ? Will the doctor put your health ahead of his/her job (main income source) ?

The best business coach is talking to people within the niche, who’ve gone through the same experience.

Google search: (niche) forum

Join, talk, learn, I’m done.

I do understand where you are coming from – it really does come down to finding someone with a common and shared goal.

There is a reason why coaches are important – they give you the tools you need to succeed.

Being in a small business without a coach of some kind is like saying you want to build a house without a hammer or any tools. Rather than feel your way and learn how to make your “hammer”, why not fast forward the process with a coach that is genuinely interested in your success who will give you the tools you need build your house!