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I consider myself a tech savvy person, I have an iphone and I use it a lot (too much?), I know what a QR code is, but I never tried to use one.

Look around you, we are so exposed to colorful advertisements designed by skilled artists, I am not attracted by a dull black and white square designed to be read by a machine, not a human. In my opinion QR codes will disappear in few years and everyone will forget about them.

They take off real estate from the area you have to promote your business, and they distract the eyes of a possible buyer. Instead of looking at your promotional space they will look at the advertisement for machines, for all the 0.6 seconds of their life they will ever spend watching your advertisement.

If I am interested in a product I may even snap a picture and google it at a later stage. If I have a business card it is much quicker to type the web address instead of going to the process of reading a fancy bar code. What is the advantage a QR code gives me as user again?