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Khalid Adam, post: 105786 wrote:
I don’t mind at all. Got it from jay abraham and its really geared towards successful businesses who have staff and want to take it to the next level.

I too have a simpler version (intro stuff) but the purpose of this questionnaire is for the flying solo members to realize:

1. They need to ask the right questions before getting the right answers.

2. There is a difference between marketing and business growth

3. Cant do it all on their own.

4. Marketing isnt just about branding, special offers, social media or what they read on forums and free blogs.

In most cases, it freezes the average solopreneur but someone who has staff will see you as their savior.

Now go turn it into paying clients


Ahhh I should have recognised the questionnaire in a way… my consulting services are based on a program that originated with Jay Abraham that was then modified by one of his “proteges”.

Excellent, thank you for the go-ahead.