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I set up a facebook page for my wifes new photography business a few months ago to compliment her regular web site. There is a fair bit of work promoting content on both, but both support two different yet complementary purposes.
The web page is where her main portfolio resides as well as a regular blog and proofing gallery where photos can be ordered by clients. This is ultimately the content that is intended to be found via regular google searches when people are searching for a photographer in our area with specific needs in mind.

The facebook page offers real time engagement with those who value her and her work. It is a place where friends, clients or those interested in her work can register their ‘Like’ to stay connected via their regular Facebook news feed. It is a good alternative channel for showcasing photographic work. On the negatives, Facebook does tend to distort the quality of some images, so in that regard it is not ideal to use as a portfolio gallery. The timeline is also not really aimed at providing structure to the information presented there. It is essentially just a news feed of conversation threads and posted galleries. Facebook does reach a very wide audience who are motivated to share thoughts, feelings and impressions. The viral effect of likes and comments on posted images also reaches a much wider network of people than could be achieved on the regular web site.

So in summary, i’d recommend using both for their strengths, but dont put all your eggs in the one basket. Things change very quickly on Facebook. If you assume you wont have too much control over how Facebook decides to present, use and share your data and privacy over time and you will be fine. With that in mind develop your own web site for the thing you need to control.
Hope this helps.

Regards, Steve (Husband of photographer: Michelle)

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