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Adam Claydon-Platt, post: 89854 wrote:
The Cloud is fantastic! Definitely the way to go. These days you can work anywhere in the world, from literally any computer (no real need to carry my own anymore!)

In theory the cloud allows you to work from smaller devices too (iPhone etc), but I hate them – I prefer to keep work at a distance instead of in my pocket ;) (plus i have fat fingers which makes smartphones incredibly frustrating)

As many of you have said though, I think Google Apps is in a lot of ways quite unnecessary for small business… the basics of Gmail and Google Calendar suffice for me to collaborate with/manage my staff. I find Dropbox much better than Google Docs. Roboform Everywhere is fantastic for storing all your passwords in the cloud.

With those 4 programs above, I find that’s all I need – of course it’s different for everyone, but I’m yet to find a compelling use for the rest of the Google Apps suite..?


Why use gmail and google calendar when you can use google apps for free with your own @(your domain) instead of @gmail.com