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bitsa, post: 66412 wrote:
.. and quite liked what I saw, so far as user interface, functionality etc, was concerned….

have you considered taking it to an online model?

Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me.

We’ve had some discussions around online vs desktop accounting software and I (obviously) hold the view that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.


My main points are still that a web application does not have the control, security, power, speed, once off cost as a desktop software does.
And on the other hand the two main benefits: work from anywhere and no need to install/upgrade are not critical for me (and I hope for many other people as well)

And lastly to convert Nominal to an online solution, although simple from a technical, would have very complicated operation impacts. (Servers, databases, backups, security, network, subscriptions, monitoring, dmz, firewalls, ISPs, redundancies… you get the picture)

Plus the market is full of new such solutions and to make a difference will be extremely hard :-)

So i’ve decided to break some of the conventions (i.e. ease of use, advanced functionality, SBR support, dashboard, low cost, payroll)
and to keep some intact (desktop software)