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Its a difficult one guys.

you have to think for starters you dont want to make the calls yourself as you see your time as more valuable.

so you value a telemarketer at $30 per hour.

A company is not going to take on that sort of work for $30 per hour when they pay rent, wages and the cost of calls. They would want double that. $60 per hour.

in any case to follow up 500 people and actually speak to 500 people will take some time the best part of two weeks if really efficient.

i personally wouldnt do it for any less than 2k .

Id love someone to be able to telemarket for my business but the truth is that its too expensive.

Your best options are to do it yourself as no one will do it better that you will.

Just take the time (1 day) per week sit down and do it.

When your paying someone else to do it there not going to do it with the heart you are willing to put into it yourself.

Just my two cents..

i think were all expecting someone to do what we consider the “waste of time” or hard time consuming jobs when really they are quite important and who better than you to make the call ?