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John C.
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fay, post: 66553 wrote:
HI, everyone.i will open a small fashion boutique. could you please tell me what i can use to print a receipt for customers with my store name and details of the item on it? a receipt printer or an entire POS system or a cash register? the store will be very small and there won’t be too many sales, so i don’t really need anything fancy and complicated at this stage,just need something basic to print out a receipt with details of the store and the item for customers to keep as a proof of the purchase. any suggestion will be appreciateds. thanks a lot.

It really depends on how fancy you want to get, and how much money you want to throw at it.

I started out with a carbonless receipt book from Officeworks. It did the job for quite a while. Now I have an invoice template on my letterhead that I either fill out by hand when onsite, or complete electronically and email.

If you already have a computer and printer at the store, just use those – a word or excel invoice template will do the job. POS systems are great for inventory control and the like, but it doesn’t sound like you really need that at this stage – maybe you could put the expense to better use elsewhere, like marketing?

Whichever way you go, just make sure you include all the important content – date, items, ABN, contact details, price, GST, the words “Tax Invoice” if you are registered for GST, etc. It doesn’t matter how the invoice is created as long as it follows the basic rules. Of course a professional looking invoice helps to boost your brand, but functionally a handwritten one does the job.