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I’ve used the Market Samurai stuff before and had actually developed some tools that were almost unknowingly identical. Though I’m not into the whole “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How” kind of approach.

I’ve got plans for a way to incorporate a “Competition Tracker” into the stuff I’ve built, but most of my stuff isn’t ready yet. I’ll be sure and put it up here when it is though.

Just for some market research though, what would you specifically be looking for given that an automated script can’t exactly tell you “they’re having a sale!”?

I’m thinking you’d just get emails with snapshots of their homepages? Possibly alerts for new inbound links they’ve picked up?

Realistically that’s nothing that you couldn’t check on your own by visiting their homepage and setting up some Google Alerts, but something that does it for you is always nice, and that’s what I’m all about building.