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NetOrigin, post: 66847 wrote:
Hi Nik,

Let me be the third person to say welcome to flying solo :) but the first person from Perth to say it! This community is great for general business knowledge, and also getting to learn about heaps of peoples experiences.

I’m alway keen on seeing what people think about our site so if you ever have some spare time take a look at http://www.netorigin.com.au. We’ve been slowly making changes to the site over the last week based on the reviews we have got back from people on Flying Solo.

All the best,


Thanks for the welcome Blake.

Firstly can I say “damn it’s hot in Perth this summer!!!!”

Secondly, good news to see a hosting company in W.A. that is comparable to some of the eastern states companies. A few weeks ago I did quite a bit of digging and had no real luck with decent deals from companies with servers in WA (are your servers are in WA?).

On to your site. Looks good on first impression.

You need a call to action top right. It should be your phone number (if you want people calling) or similar, that top right corner is a prime piece of real-estate going to waste.

Some visual icons would work well under your three promises.
Here is link for some places to search for decent free icons

Finally your code is riddled with small errors. Not a huge deal but when it comes to page load times, SEO and user experience every little bit counts.

You are actually in a good position with your business. I would suggest targeting Perth WA as there is a big gap in this area (local servers). I look forward to seeing how it goes and maybe trying your hosting plans out ;)

*Edit – I have just looked at your data centers info and see you have servers in Perth. Have you any sites running on these servers that I could get some links for? Preferably a Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress site as I would like to see how it handles it.