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I think the problem here is you’ve jumped into a forum that has engaged other designers! This brings not only a vested interest into the argument but the age old – “It’s ok, but I would have….”

Everyone would have done it differently, I certainly would drop the oval surround though – it just contains it a little.

As for the comment from The Penguin regarding the ute comment – what ute’s do you make note to remember when driving around town?!?! Unless your brand is constantly in someones face like Nike or Apple then it is rarely going to be that memorable – we all remember marketing school with the “5 hits til your famous” adage of repeat, repeat, repeat!

My only concern would be is if you’re asking opinions because you’re unsure of the design still then get it reworked – this has got to last you and the last thing you want is a logo that you’re just ‘meh’ about – this has to sell your company and the brand you build behind it, you need to love it!