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I think the salesperson was describing their recent SiteSmart product. Its description says,

Better chance of being found – Our team of SEO experts will make sure your site is optimised for search engines. This means that when your customers use popular search engines, there’s a better chance they’ll find you.

The sales people have lots of details to remember and this “your site” could be interpreted by them to mean the client’s original website, not the 3-page micro site that this product is. It’s aimed at businesses without any website.

Links from YPOL are redirected (same effect as a nofollow), so there is no link juice but there is the citation value, which had some value until recently, for Place Pages. It might still have some value for the ranking algo.

Disclaimer: I worked there until some 18 months ago and they definitely didn’t offer any SEO services for advertisers’ websites. I have no business affiliation with them other than renting a Telstra phone line. :)