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marketingweb, post: 87906 wrote:
Has anyone else over the last week seen their “look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me” adverts on TV that have a bunch of annoying little men singing “look at me” as more and more pop up on the screen – each man is the same guy in a different colour clothing, representing directory, seo, etc?

Annoying adverts, but they are very specifically and publically now advertising SEO services on TV. Whether it’s an attempt at “real” SEO or missuse of the term to further confuse the public remains to be seen.

Then again – I just read this link posted here by someone else – major FAIL! http://www.digitaldomination.com.au/yellow-pages-still-fail-online-marketing-look-at-me/

Seems they know how to pay for a fancy TV advertisment, but don’t know how to set up a website or actually do anything successfully online!

Suprise Suprise!

EDIT : PS the funniest thing on that link is the response by a Yellow Pages rep and how hammered she gets over how stupid she sounds!

Thanks Marketingweb for reading my blog :)

When i wrote my reply (above yours) the ad was on the right hand side too. Classic!