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AdServe, post: 70531 wrote:
Im not in the website dev biz anymore (thank God).. Google is going to steam roll everyone.. all the $1500 couple of page websites are gone now.. Google places, Google Realestate, Google Classifieds.. they do all of this at no profit margin and the only hope for others is that they can find a niche industry that Google would not want to get into for 10yrs+. Everyone should try there best to limit what money they are pushing Googles way or.. get a job there/invest.
I wouldn’t see the situation so dramatic. There are a lot of opportunities to get free or almost free web site for long time (remember Geocites?), as John Debrincat mentioned Google offers their sites for several years as well. So right may difference is that now it comes with free domain?

I don’t think that this is a threat to professional web developers, after people play with that free websites, those who are serious about the online side of their business come to us :) And those who are not wouldn’t do it anyway.