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seocourse, post: 70596 wrote:
This is where I disagree with so many other “SEO companies” and that’s … well… why … mmm… I guess… I have so many clients.

$350 a month it’s a lot of money… may be not for you, but for many small businesses.

I was paid a similar amount 7 weeks ago to rank a fellow flyingsolo member for 1 keyword… and the ranking is now achieved. 3rd position — and no… not for a long tail keyword —

the fact is : We love to play with our clients minds… and pretend what we do is SOOOOOO complicate and it takes YEAAAAAARS to learn.

But if you really think that with $350 per month a customer shoudn’t expect a lot? ^_^
Great… more business for us

I do not believe that undercutting is the best way to do business, otherwise everyone would be getting their SEO from india (and the cheapest I have seen there is $110/month) and thats just directories and blog comments.

Some SEOs charge $1000 per hour and have no shortage of clients. The general consensus on SEO pricing is that $2500 a month is on the low end.

I do not see the point in devalueing yourself, after all doctors could charge only $20 per patient, a waiter could work only off tips, it doesn’t cost business coaches $300 an hour to coach you, and does a CEO really need $1 million a year when I am sure they could find someone just as good to do it for $150k?

Personally I prefer to work in profit sharing partnerships where I get a % of website revenue in exchange for ongoing SEO and web marketing. But seriously what is the point in under-valueing yourself, if you really want to make $20 an hour why not go work at target?