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It is worth keeping in mind that SEO companies based in developed countries that charge less than $300/month are probably using cheap greyhat linkbuilding and doing little else. SEO is about building a website’s brand – it is not just about pumping links at something.


Mmm may I have no idea about SEO and may be when you google SEO consultant I’m just in 1st position because I bought a ticket in a raffle…. and I won the 1st position.

But what you claim is so funny and makes me smile.

Define why if someone pays me $300 for link building per month I should produce greyhat links?
how do you come up with a statement like that?

not trying to create conflict… but I’m curious.

Please Define for me greyhat? and why you.. as an SEO expert CAN’T produce GOOD links for less than $300 per month?