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Netboost SEO, post: 70785 wrote:
Okay my definition of greyhat links are:
blog comments
profile links
forum links
juiced 2.0s
directory links
article directory links (ezine, articlebase etc)
social bookmarking

I am not going to say that greyhat links are unethical or whatever because thats a whole other issue. All the above links can be produced fairly cheaply and if done properly can be used with minimal risk via layering etc.

Whitehat linkbuilding is natural link building and is expensive because it takes so much time. You either have to produce link-bait/viral content which is quite expensive (hiring videographers, graphic designers, or notable writers), do guest blogging, online PR, quality press releases, or outreach (which takes a lot of time as you have to develop a relationship with every single site owner and there may be hundreds on your list). There is also the option of niche site acquisition which is quite expensive as well.

I am keen to hear other SEOs opinions on why they think whitehat SEO is so cheap to provide… even blackhat SEO is expensive as it has highly technical requirements and involves a lot of risk.


As for delivery to customers I think the client deserves regular written reports (as well as verbal consultations)

that list exactly at has been accomplished since the last report. I agree that vague reporting is quite dodgy.

So Article Marketing is Greyhat?

And social bookmarking is Greyhat?

So is the link in your signature… greyhat?

Oh boy….