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seocourse, post: 70787 wrote:
So Article Marketing is Greyhat?

And social bookmarking is Greyhat?

So is the link in your signature… greyhat?

Oh boy….

Well my signature link is no-followed so it doesn’t matter. Not all article marketing and social bookmarking is greyhat. If you used bookmarkingdemon or similar software to mass produce bookmarks then it would be but if you go and put them up yourself then its not.

Producing and syndicating quality articles is not really greyhat but Google did punish a lot of content farms last update, so perhaps in Google’s eyes article marketing is greyhat.

I am not sledging anyone for using greyhat links, I use some myself. For instance I am a fan of juiced 2.0s such as squidoo.

Google however, doesn’t really like offsite SEO. It could be argued that any attempt for a webmaster/SEO to create links to their site is an attempt to manipulate search results. And that all links must be editorial and given without asking. In the real world this simply isn’t feasible since then only established sites and big brands would get traffic. Personally I find Google a little condescending and at times hypocritical but anyway.

Greyhat just means it is in the greyarea between whitehat and blackhat, which pretty much sums up SEO I guess (maybe I just contradicted myself haha)