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RaspberryBlack, post: 70793 wrote:
Hi Emilyk,

stunning how much SEO can flare tempers. I believe there are quite a lot of people out there trying to sell SEO as some kind of black magic, so it might be a really good way to educate yourself, if only to distinguish good from bad services.

Here’s another tip where to quick-start: the “SEO Secrets” ebook from divinewrite.com (even though the table of content one can download states something about making money by promoting the book I’m not getting any, I just really like the book :) )

And if you want to spend some more time on it, have a look at the Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

Cheers and good luck with the “black magic” ;)
Maybe Tina, someday soon, there will be a few more books out there about SEO and some of the “black magic” *coughbullsh!tcough* about it all.

Hmmmm… I’m going on Baby Leave in a few weeks… reckon there’s time to write a book or two in there.

Ta for the idea.