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emilyk, post: 67931 wrote:

I was hoping to get some advice on an SEO campgain that I’ve been paying $350 mth to a Marketing Company for and haven’t gotten any results on.

My site is a jewellery on http://www.flavouroftheweek.com.au and I’m yet to generate any sales.

It’s definitely been a learning exercise, i.e. all of the strong words, i.e. silver jewellery the company wouldn’t work on for me, and even with less popular words, 80% still aren’t even coming up on google after a 6mth campaign.

Any advice? Or is it simply a case of I’m going to have to pay $5-$10k to get my site somewhere where it’ll actually be seen to make sales?

Thank you for any help!

I hear this complaint so many times about people running a business and with a website and shelling out monstrosity amounts of money to SEO companies at the end of the month.

For starters……….Adwords is out of the question. If you want to go from spending 350.00 to spending thousands, this is the way to to go. Go broke fast instead of go broke slow. Adwords is the biggest ” CON “ever brought on the Australian business public.

I studied Adwords for five years with specifically targeted keywords and always retained anywhere in the first three positions for as little as 46 cents a click for my industry, while everyone else payed 5 dollars a click in position six and we are talking specific keywords. Does this sound fair ??

Adwords is an auction, not advertising. Adwords looks for the finest tuned ads that are descriptive of the sites they advertise. If your Adwords ad is not finely tuned to your site, you’ll pay through the nose, while the guy above you pays less.

Content advertising and search together. Adwords is a science of advertising. If you don’t know what you are doing it will destroy your bank balance, but never the less, it is a waste of money.

Many people think if you are in position one, you will get business from it.
” WRONG ” If I made two thousand dollars in business from it, I spent five thousand dollars.

In most cases the first three positions are absorbed by tyre kickers. This is where it costs you money. People who are just searching for information. People who are searching for a service will travel down the page if they have to.

A word of advice ( not meaning any disrespect to the SEO guys on this forum ) Anyone who is trying to sell you an Adwords campaign with your site is trying to make easy money from you without working on SEO together to help rank your site naturally.

All of my sites are on page 1 of Google for my targeted keyword terms, and I don’t use Adwords anymore. If you really want to get your site on page 1 of Google without any cost, I’m sorry to say you will have to learn at least how to do on page SEO. It’s nowhere near as hard as you think.

This will help you tremendously. Off page SEO is a different kettle of fish. However to some degree you do need it. It has a lot to do with what importance Google views your site. I don’t have a thousand links pointing to my site to get traffic. Google has its own little tricks for giving you rankings.

I have one of the largest detailing sites, and it’s very much content loaded.
Even my delivery site ( which looks like crap ) is also on page 1 of Google for my chosen keyword terms

Two things you need to know. One saying stands and always will

” content is king “ Give Google content, and you will shoot up the ranks. Google wants to see that you are trying to help their users. If you sound like a sales rep alone, they will eventually shoot you down

The second thing Goolgle looks for is ” Links ” Give Google related links pointing to your site, and this will also help you shoot up the ranks.

You see Google has a plan ( dirty mongrels ) From what I have seen in my own experience, they are trying very hard to get advertising websites like you and me to be paying for our advertising (Adwords) and to leave the organics for content alone. Either it is working or it is not.

I am however noticing that pages of Adwords are diminishing

(which is making me happy )