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Tony Pfitzner
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Jexley, post: 70847 wrote:
AdWords is good to get some targeted traffic in and to get some insight into real-time market behaviour, but the real goods is to get your site optimised for your terms so that it can bring in organic traffic in the long run.

This is fair enough, but I would still run Adwords on a keyword where my page had a number one organic ranking PROVIDED the ad was profitable. I mean, why not deny your competitors a little ad space!

The on-page SEO required for making Adwords (or Yahoo Search Marketing) profitable, will also help your organic rankings.

It seems to me people are mesmerised by the idea of SEO. A form of Acronym Mesmerisation (AM!), probably because they think it somehow equates to free! It isn’t free – unless you don’t put a value on your time.

A balanced approach – call it search engine marketing (SEM for the AM afflicted) – covers pay-per-click, SEO and content creation. Cover the basics on these three and you’ll be off to a great start.

Just to make the point – here’s some revenue source percentages from a long-established e-commerce site with consumer product in a competitive market.

pay-per-click: 45%
organic: 26%
social networks:5%
other -feeds, links etc: 13%

Sure, 45% of revenue doesn’t mean 45% of profits, but the revenue, revenue growth and branding have mainly been driven by pay-per-click.

If you are in business – not simply promoting the local netball team – you probably should have some sort of budget for pay-per-click. Start with a $100 and a few highly specific keywords and ads.



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