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Aidan, post: 70908 wrote:
@DRS – If you have ‘studied’ AdWords for 5 years then you should not be losing money the way you say you can do.

There are literally millions of businesses worldwide, doing very nicely on nothing but AdWords! You can’t seriously think that your experience applies to everyone? Why would so many users be on AdWords year after year?

If you are doing it right, you would not care much about the per click cost because some visits really are worth $25+ each! It all depends on what a customer is worth to your business and your ability to turn the visitors into customers.

Seriously some merchants thrive on paying enormous amounts for their traffic while others fail on the very same traffic…

You see, some are more competitive than others, some have great confidence inducing brand power, some have the ability to turn one-off customers into lifetime ones, some just have more appealing content on their sites that actually inspires the visitor to become a customer to begin with…

speaking of which…

I applaud your attitude to content – absolutely, give them what they want…

… but I would say you can’t rely on that free traffic always being around from Google.

I’ve said many times here that if I were Google I would charge for every spot on the first page, (“its my index, I put a lot of time and investment into it, so why shouldn’t I!”)

I’m not entirely sure I understand the last part of your post re SEO tactics, some sites will need backlinks for some keywords, others may not, that depends on a range of factors, either way there is no point having those tyre kickers on your site if you have to pay for them so just do paid advertising for the right search terms, not the tyre kicker ones!

Yes AdWords is a form of advertising, there is no argument on that? not entirely sure how you might be miffed at Google giving you plenty of free exposure to your market and giving you the opportunity to do more if you want to buy adWords on top? What on earth is wrong with that?

Hey Aiden

My apologies if it sounds like what works for me will work for everyone else
That is clearly not the case. Each industry works differently as to how or what sales you are going to get with Adwords and if you get any at all.

Websites play a critical roll. In my industry it didn’t prove to well at all, even with specifically targeted keywords in my ad Groups and were talking even one or two only specific keywords per adgroup for each ad. Not ten or twenty keywords per ad group for each ad as what most Adwords resellers do. This was why I was able to many times land in position 1 or two for 40 plus cents a click. Sometimes even less for my chosen keyword depending on the competition

Many people are under the misguided assumption that if you are position one or two that you are going to get a lot of business. Again not the case. This is why I always say, I would rather be on page 1 organics and get inquiries than to have to pay on Adwords ridiculous amounts at the end of the month in the hope that the marketing company I may be using is going to do their jobs right in the first place, and get me that business.

Why would you want to pay to advertise on Adwords and pin the very hope of your business on Adwords when you can learn SEO and almost master page 1 on the niche you may be involved in. My strategies of advertising my websites are spread through so many different advertising mediums. All because I pushed myself to learn SEO. ” Adwords ” That’s a drop in the bucket these days.

I even have a couple of associates who have been using Adwords themselves and have given it away because it has not worked for them. One of these associates of mine who is in the motor trade was spending up to 3000.00 dollars with some firm per month for advertising. It may work for some, but not from what I’ve been hearing.

Sure he got some work from it, but not enough to justify that sort of spending. That’s not advertising, that’s what I call going mad beyond common sense. The reason I stopped using Adwords is because it’s basically an auction, your not necessarily going to get business from it, too much click fraud from competitors, and most web companies or resellers do not optimise the ads as what they should. This is why I’ve told this forum member, better off if she starts learning SEO.

Personally speaking, I would like to see Adwords come down in a crashing fireball. It’s one of Googles unnecessary evils in my opinion.

I do not see the necessity for it. As for the last part of the post, Google places heavy emphasis on what you link with and what keywords you choose to link with. It’s just something Google looks for.