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One of my projects is aub2b.com I bought an Alibaba clone script about 6 years ago and just installed it on that domain thinking I would do something with it someday.

It has always had around two thousand unique visitors per month and just tonight I decided to have a look in webmaster tools. The sites main keywords according to google are, Products, Home and other non related terms. It ranks number 3 for the keyword “B2B” in worldwide searches from google au, doesent rank at all in Pages from Australia(not considered an Aus site), has a Page Rank of 0 and only 3 or 4 backlinks from chinese forums. I have just put metta tags in it now and added the word B2B to the categories. what google likes I think is the stickiness of the site, avg time spent on there is 8min.

So I guess no SEO is the best SEO.