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Netboost SEO, post: 71085 wrote:
DRS’s website is actually ranking okay for several local terms but it is ugly as hell, please redesign it, it would cost you less than $500 and make a huge difference – it is important to have a clean image.

The cluttered and crowded look with weird textures and tiling doesn’t sit well with many web viewer’s – first impressions are important – you may be losing potential customers because of your site’s look

And in case anyone is curious, the pagerank value from 1/10 is a measure of how much authority Google thinks your site has. Having a high pagerank will not guarantee you top rankings as site’s with a pagerank of 1 etc often outrank a pagerank 4 site. So don’t get to caught up by it as it is only 1 factor.

You’re right about the ranking. People often confuse page
rank with page positioning. I’m not worried about page rank no’s

My detailing site has a page rank of 5. I’ve seen other sites with
a page rank of 2 sitting above it with various keywords

Yes I know my DRS site is ugly. That’s my biggest downfall
I’m absolute crap when it domes to designing sites.

I’m slowly learning though looking at other sites.
I know I have to do something to re-design it because I also
agree with you that first impressions do count.

You only have a visitor for a couple of seconds.
If appearance doesn’t get them
chances are they’ll disappear. Even if the content is right.

Are you talking about the home page ?
It was one of my earlier sites. Your always learning
in this industry…………..Any Suggestions ??

Thanks mate