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jennyprice, post: 71122 wrote:
Hi Pete
Paying $350 is not a bad price for what you get.
It took me over 4 month to work out how Google operates and what to do to help our ranking.
I have a few teenagers come in after school to help me.
I pay them an hourly rate but at least i have control of what they do and how they do it.
When you spend $350.00 you really need to find out what you get. Ask for a report from the company on what back links and sites you have been listed on.
All the best and i hope yoursite moves up on google.

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Hi Jenny

You have……. ” teenagers “…….coming in to help
Are these your regular college students who look for an extra dollar here and there. Are we talking Internet marketing or web design students.
That’s an interesting idea. How did you go about sourcing your one’s ?

Thanks Jenny