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sensory fx, post: 71320 wrote:
LOL at Gab

Sorry to get off track here but I just couldnt resist on this one.
It amuses me how people use the term ‘NINJA’ when they don’t fully understand what it means. If you were to use the word ‘NINJA’ to represent your business in Japan you would be avoided like the plague.

In Japanese culture, a ninja is not respected. They are basically a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. They were feared but not respected. On the other hand, a Samurai had a strict code of honor and combat.

Just as a side note, David Darradine was a KungFu exponent, which is a chinese martial art, not to be confused with a ninja who was japanese.

So the bottom line is, representing yourself as a ninja is akin these days to representing yourself as Yakuza.

I would hire Yakuza for my SEO :) wow what results there could be, they could do great link building, could just call up high PR site owners and say “OK this link.. your front page NOW..”

but seriously talking to my friend in Japan on video skype one day, for some reason I mentioned Yakuza, he stopped seemed shocked and said to me dont say this word.. he kind of looked around to see if anyone heard me say it.. they take this stuff seriously