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Children with ADHD (ADD) have unique challenges in school, behaviorally and/or academically. It is often more difficult for these children to focus and they may miss valuable information in academic lessons or instructions for homework. They may also struggle with organization to the point that they forget what the homework assignment is, and/or forget to turn in completed work. This is particularly frustrating to both parents and children.

Furthermore, uncompleted class work is often added onto homework, which makes that task even more insurmountable and discouraging. If behavior is also a problem, the frequent calls and notes sent home from the teacher can add to the frustration everyone feels – making parent-teacher communication and teamwork even more difficult.

If your child has ADHD, talking with his or her teacher is one of the most important things you can do. Knowing that you are aware of the problems, and that you want to work with them on improving the situation, will help the teacher see your child in a more favorable light. If you go a step further and assist the teacher with the class in general, this will help these efforts even more.