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It is definitely a network type selling system as Melinda suggests, as I have been placed in this scenario before. Even my own doctor sprang that one on me.
You obviously have naturally good selling & customer rapour skills, also in need of a job that suits your lifestyle if you had little ones in tow whilst collecting your layby.
The young girl presented you with an opportunity she thought might suit you. She took the initiative to contact you using the details she had available from the layby, in hindsight might not have been the correct approach, but then again how was she going to find you again?.
She also wasn’t the correct person to ask about employment in the first instance; national retailers have recruitment depts to handle that.
Most people have more than one job or moonlight in one while building the other, its not uncommon.
A know people who have made a great income from these schemes and many who havent. Some are incredibly dodgy & some are serious businesses like Amyway.