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WE are at advertising!! Traffic engineers report is completed and submitted (Council have passed it onto their engineering dept, but said they rarely have issues, I hope they are right!) So people can object til the 12th of April, then they allow a few days, is it possible we will have this permit before Easter??

I’m actually really scared now, our funds have depleted so much with the various council requirements, having already spent ($7500) I am wondering if we can do it now! Family help is proving to be unreliable and my partner has injured his knee an dis on crutches possibly needing a reconstruction!

I mean I can paint the walls and possibly do the floors, but I can’t build a wall? How expensive is a wall anyway? (I’m waiting on two quotes to come through) I have most of the dressing items for the rooms, apart from a rug, table and sofa.

I never realized how much goes into starting a retail business. Out internet business grew from one box of items, we now stock over $50,000 worth at any one time, but that has been a gradual process, not big chunks like this.

Have others had the same concerns when they started? How did they cope/manage? I am not sitting here saying, well things don’t have to be perfect, the secondhand kitchen will do til we can replace it, maybe a year or two, but it will get us open and earning!!

Cheers Jazzah

Volunteers to build a wall or two are welcome!