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Hi Rush,
I’m in agreement with Chris from MarketingHQ. The answer is in your existing franchisees.

Go back to your franchisees in NZ and dig deep. Examine the exact demographics and psychographics of your current list of franchisee’s because you already have achieved a level of success with them. How did you get them on board?

– What was the occupation of each of your franchisee’s before they decided to consider a franchise?

– Why did they make the move?

– What was the reason they decided to consider a franchise?

– What was it about your franchise that appealed to them?

– Where did they first come in contact with you? (where did they find out about you)

– Do they have any contacts in Australia who may be thinking about a franchise? (leverage them, because there is nothing better than a recommendation from someone who is happy within their own franchise and is happy to spread the word, however, their experience to date must be positive).

– Lots of why’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and how’s will uncover your psychographics which is where the real meat is.

Try this publication for advertising or listings, or even a press release as magazines are always on the lookout for content (is there anything newsworthy about your company?):


Hope these points help.