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veba_training, post: 70338 wrote:
Value-stacking… Great idea! I’m part of a small start up and it would’ve been great to have an offer from someone to print our business cards and do our website and logo all at once.

IMO, This is irrelevant to the whole issue.

The issue is fundamentally intangibles (as said earlier in the thread). When a consumer cannot directly see ROI they will not pay for it. Web design is a trade that has more intangibles than you can poke a stick at. It also has a large consumer base that are as clueless as dodo’s about the product/service.

Example: Consumer grade laptops with low battery life. They mostly all have low battery life because this is something the consumer rarely checks for (historically). How can you make a profit adding more battery life when the consumer is entirely unaware of it? Answer: You can’t. You just put a cheap battery in like everyone else, otherwise you attempt to educate and possibly price yourself out of the market.

Exmaple: Engines in cars. How do you sell a good car engine that outperforms the ROI of a bad car engine over 20 years? The consumer is not a mechanic and rarely has the time to investigate the engine? The average consumer will never know what a good engine is and what isn’t. They would actually rather purchase the car on how it looks on the outside. (You bet it’s frustrating for the engineers). Answer: You make your car pretty and put a ipod connectivity sticker on the radio.

…but perhaps these are from a cynical viewpoint :)