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JohnSheppard, post: 70350 wrote:
IMO, This is irrelevant to the whole issue.

The issue is fundamentally intangibles (as said earlier in the thread). When a consumer cannot directly see ROI they will not pay for it. Web design is a trade that has more intangibles than you can poke a stick at. It also has a large consumer base that are as clueless as dodo’s about the product/service.

Example: Consumer grade laptops with low battery life. They mostly all have low battery life because this is something the consumer rarely checks for (historically). How can you make a profit adding more battery life when the consumer is entirely unaware of it? Answer: You can’t. You just put a cheap battery in like everyone else, otherwise you attempt to educate and possibly price yourself out of the market.

Exmaple: Engines in cars. How do you sell a good car engine that outperforms the ROI of a bad car engine over 20 years? The consumer is not a mechanic and rarely has the time to investigate the engine? The average consumer will never know what a good engine is and what isn’t. They would actually rather purchase the car on how it looks on the outside. (You bet it’s frustrating for the engineers). Answer: You make your car pretty and put a ipod connectivity sticker on the radio.

…but perhaps these are from a cynical viewpoint :)

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply :)

True that the forum issue is about making customers realise that a website has value beyond the tangibles but I was commenting on the post I quoted in my reply, which was about how a website designer could introduce some more tangible benefits.

What you said was interesting, and it’s true, most consumers will probably never get cluey about what makes a good engine… Will they ever understand what makes a “good website”?

Have a great day!