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Jexley, post: 70957 wrote:
.This is BRILLIANT. I love it, and I’m going to seriously consider working this into my businesses.

Well done.

Agree – it is brilliant. Not only do you get to see if they have understood the brief but it is a way to see how they communicate. All of this will be reflected in the website.

However – just to throw a sausage in the sand – the down side is that if I know in advance that someone was going to take the time to do this – I may not request a quote. What this means is that if I suspect that I’d feel an obligation to go with that designer/marketer simply because of the time and effort they’ve gone to I may decide against it.

Maybe this is what some people mean by “controlling” the client. However as a client I’m not happy being “controlled” – I like to be in control of all my business decisions and if there is a whiff of “control” coming from someone whom I’m employing I’d run the other direction.