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JaneB, post: 70993 wrote:
Maybe this is what some people mean by “controlling” the client. However as a client I’m not happy being “controlled” – I like to be in control of all my business decisions and if there is a whiff of “control” coming from someone whom I’m employing I’d run the other direction.

No one should ‘control’ the client.

Jane, I understand where you come from, of course you’re in control of your business decisions, no one knows more about your business than you.
But buying the services of a web designer or graphic designer is buying their expertise, which you don’t have.

You should meet in the middle, with both sides bringing in your knowledge.

Coincidentally, I was at the talk of Blair Enns (winwithoutpitching.com) last night, and he said it as well: if you have a chest pain and you go to your doctor, do you tell him what you think is behind your pain and how he should treat it? Or do you feel that he needs to be ‘in control’ of the treatment process?