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I definitey need to breathe because it is really starting to stress me out.

I completely get what you are saying, and for that reason I definitely wouldn’t try to do the website myself at all. I think the issue is that I research everything I do quite carefully before I handover my money. The problem with my quotes has been that everyone has their preferences for particular carts. I have come across a few developers who will say something along the lines of ‘No, you can’t have loyalty points/product reviews. For that you need a custom site’… whereas through my own research I have discovered that there are carts that do the things I want, that particular developer just uses a different cart.

If I went to a developer with what I want (and I have) I’m looking at 10-15k. Or… I could find a cart that does what I want, and then shop around for a good price. I really want to use my own graphic designers because I know they are really good at the type of store I am looking at setting up.

One issue is my budget. It’s very small, because I don’t know if I will be successful. I am on maternity leave at the moment, so I have to be very careful and think about whether what I am doing is best for my family. I realise that starting up a business on a small budget is hard, and I realise that websites are incredibly important, and a cheap one won’t necessarily do everything you want to do, and I realise they generally don’t come cheap… it’s just that this is kind of ‘now or never’ for me, and I do believe I have some great ideas.

To summarise, developers can often tell you that ‘you can’t get XYZ’, I will have to build you a custom site, when my own research has told me that’s not quite true.

I have found carts that do everything I want them to do. (Well maybe not everything, but very close!), but developers often want to use their own carts, and many won’t recommend (or perhaps even know about) the ones out there that fit my needs, because they don’t sell them. Fair enough I guess, but it has meant that I have had to do the research myself. I actually don’t see any other way at this stage, unfortunately.

Sorry this turned into a ‘me, me, me’ rant.

I must admit, I have also come across some developers who are very willing to work with me, and have been lovely and patient with all of my questions, I am also just wanting to do some of the research myself rather than wasting their valuable time as well.